Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Jacob and Kitty
When we left Darren and Kristi's house last week, on our way out to the wedding extravaganza, we accidentally left Jacob's Kitty behind. Kitty is his special guy - he sleeps with Kitty every night, and refuses to let us take Kitty out of the crib (with his knowledge) for any reason. Kitty-washings are an act of subterfuge, and Kitty does not even get to watch TV or play with the marble maze - Kitty is strictly a crib-guy.

But we brought Kitty on our trip to NY, and then during the nighttime acrobatics which Jacob indulged in, he ended up shoving Kitty down between the bed and the wall, so even though Willem did the requisite room-check, he didn't find Kitty. So we had to wait for Kitty to navigate the intricacies of the US Postal Service. Which Kitty did, and arrived at our house just in time for naptime, today.

Jacob hadn't asked for Kitty or seemed to even notice Kitty's absence (has anyone noticed the pronoun/name game I'm playing here??? I haven't figured out yet whether Kitty is a boy or a girl. I'm not a veterinarian, ya know). But he had the BIGGEST grin and the strongest hugs when he saw Kitty, and then during our normal snuggle-time before nap, he told me, "Kitty make me happy."

Aww. I need a Kitty, too.